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 BeadRider Seats 

BeadRider Seats

Why Wooden Beads?
Until they try a seat made of wooden beads, most people do not believe they can be comfortable. Well we can tell you, from our own personal experience
and that of our satisfied customers, they do work. BeadRiders allow air to flow between the rider and the saddle, keeping you dryer and cooler. If you really want proof of the airflow, just use a set of BeadRiders on a cool day, and it wont take long to convince you that cold air is flowing beneath you.
Beaded seats also allow for the dispersion of your pressure points over a larger area. A customer relayed an interesting story to us. He had purchased a set of BeadRiders at Americade this year. He then went to another vendor who was selling an expensive seat pad. This vendor had set an electronic seat pad connected to a computer to measure the pressure points in the saddle with and without his seat pad. The vendor allowed our customer to compare our set of BeadRiders to the pad he was selling. Well the customer found his BeadRider seat, as measured by the computer, was much better at reducing pressure points than the much more expensive ($150.00) seat pad. Finally, we also found that our comfort level while riding in the rain is helped by a set of BeadRiders. The seat allows you to stay high and dry, while water drains through the seat below you, instead of pooling underneath you.

Motorcycle Consumer News Article:

"To increase comfort on longer rides, many motorcyclists purchase expensive custom-made saddles. A more cost effective solution can be found in the form of a beaded seat by BeadRider. Made from hundreds of black wooden beads, the BeadRider seat relieves pressure points and allows air to pass under the rider thereby helping to avert monkey butt. The unique design and adjustable elastic straps allow it to be moved effortlessly from one bike to another for a secure fit. It is the single best investment Ive made to improve my comfort on longer trips. At $35, it is also a bargain and a must for any serious endurance rider regardless if you have an aftermarket saddle or not."
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Motorcycle Consumer News
MCNs Holiday Gift Guide
December 2005

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