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 Dupont Teflon Lubricant 

DuPont™ Multi-Use Lubricant with Teflon® fluoropolymer
The Clean Lube – No Oily Film!
DuPont™ Performance™ Multi-Use is a water repelling three-dimensional lubricant utilizing advanced DuPont™ Teflon® fluoropolymer, organic molybdenum, and a polymerized wax structure. This unique combination goes on wet to deeply penetrate and loosen frozen or rusted parts. It then sets up with a clean, dry, self-cleaning™ film. This dry film will not attract and absorb dirt and grime. In fact, dirt activates release agents in the lubricant causing bits of the wax layer and the contaminants to flake off. This patented technology keeps parts clean, so they work better and last longer.
Use On Any Moving Part…
DuPont™ Multi-Use is an all-surface, all condition lubricant. Use on: Chains, Threaded Parts, Hinges, Locks, Latches, and Springs. Rusted Bolts, Sliding Tracks, Wheels, Pivots, Cams and Pulleys. Pipe Fittings, Shafts, Wet Wires, Zippers, Rollers, and Linkages. From a frozen bolt to a rusted bicycle chain, from sticky windows and door tracks, to a squeaking hinge, DuPont™ Multi-Use will exceed your highest expectations.

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