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 Ram Mount-Cradles 

Ram Mount-cradles. Use the drop down menu to find the application you need.

There is no easier, faster or more secure way to attach devices to your motorcycle than with the RAM Mounting system. The ingenious solid rubber balls and double socket arms provide an easily adjustable, shock absorbing support for your GPS, radar detector, XM radio, camera, PDA or any other small device.

1. The first step in finding a RAM Mount solution is to determine the location for a base unit. RAM Mounts for motorcycles use one (1) inch diameter solid rubber balls and can attach to a handlebar, mirror stem, clutch or brake or virtually any flat surface. RAM Mounts makes a base for almost any application.
2. Once you’re secured your base mount to your motorcycle, you will need to choose a double socket arm. The arms come in three (3) different lengths, 1.75, 3.5 and 5.25 inches long, measured from the center to the center of the sockets.
3. The final step is to select a RAM Mount device cradle. Most cradles require a one (1) inch ball (part # RAM-B-238U) that screws to the back, allowing you to clamp it to the upper end of the arm.

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